Why Us

Why Choose Us

We know a lot about the Egyptian IT staff market and have been doing it for a long time, so we can find the best candidates.

According to what we’ve seen, Egyptians are more educated, highly motivated, and more keen to keep learning than many IT workers in Europe today.

Most IT education programmers in Cairo are very difficult. Egyptians are pleased to work hard and long hours. We expect them to work eight hours a day, while local businesses need 10–11 hours.

Once you and your Egyptian IT developers have built a good relationship based on mutual trust and respect, you can be sure that they will do their best to finish the task, meet the deadline, or give you the service you need.

  • We reduce the cost of your application and web development by up to two thirds.
  • You determine how to earn the most money so that your software business gets more popular and can grow.
  • You get a stable cost level, since salaries in Cairo generally remain the same.
  • Your successful collaboration with your Egyptian IT development team gives you the confidence to focus on your business and the energy to grow it.
  • Your other IT staff will get more responsibility and more interesting tasks, which can lead to new job opportunities and make it easier for you to keep them.
  • Your business will be able to grow and get bigger because your IT development team in Cairo can grow as your business does.
  • You can find and keep the best Egyptian IT developers because we pay them well and give them great working conditions. 
  • Your IT development projects will be done quickly and well by Egyptian developers, who are motivated and skilled.
  • We run a very well workplace where employees do well and are happy, which shows in how well they do their jobs.
  • You get more stability in your development work because we help you keep your developers motivated and happy.
  • Through close communication, you can find out exactly what your IT developers are doing and step in to make changes when necessary.
  • We help make sure that language and cultural differences don’t get in the way of you communicating with or working with your IT developers.
  • You can enjoy working with people who are honest and fair, and who are willing to solve any problems quickly and to your full satisfaction.

what advantages​

Our Services

1. We carefully select well-qualified candidates for your needs, so we create the best and most accurate match between your business and your offshore team.​

2. You decide who we should hire for you, and we back you up 100% in the process. This is to make sure that we hire people who are good for the job and for your team as a whole.​

3. We hire your new IT workers at talents office and take care of all the legal stuff. We also give them a very well, modern workplace, a good working environment, and other technology coworkers.​

4. We teach them everything they need to know right from the start, so they can understand European culture and, in particular, the directness and openness of Western Europeans. This helps you work together quickly and easily.​

5. We’ll introduce your Egyptian IT development team to your company and other IT staff. Usually, the Egyptians will come to your office to meet the rest of your IT development team in person.​

6. You speak to them directly on a regular basis and make sure they are fully involved in the tasks, so they can work hard and care a lot about your business.​

7. We manage the cooperation between you and your local IT staff and help keep them motivated with professional coaching and fun group activities that challenge their minds and make the company feel more like a family.


We can identify the appropriate individual for you whether the technology is online, mobile, or a desktop technology stack


As every one of our developers is proficient in English, communication is always easy.


Trial time with all candidates - you just pay when delighted with your developer


Using both internal and external testing tools, all developers are rigorously examined.

Why Egypt


Political peace and stability​

Egypt has political peace, which is different from what some people think. Several changes have been made, and both foreign investment and tourism have been growing for a long time. As far as terror goes, it is just as safe to travel in Cairo as it is in Paris or London.​


Cultural preparedness​

Egyptians are used to tourists, have a high level of English proficiency, and are open to and accepting of Western culture . Many Egyptians, especially the well-educated ones, have an open, international view of life and want to grow and make a difference in whatever way they can.


Low pay for many candidates​

In Egypt, wages are low because unemployment is high, the population is growing quickly, and the economy in the rest of the Middle East is locked. Every year, 50,000 new IT workers graduate from Cairo’s 27 universities and 130 other schools. Many of these universities are highly ranked on international lists. Egyptians with lots of education work hard to get the best jobs so they can grow as people.